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In this interview Ray Dalio said "It's like watching the same movie over and over again".

Lessons of history are invaluable, we bring them to you.

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Learn from the best minds in the long history finance in the most didactic format powered by augmented media.

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Monetary History & Bonds Short

Given your training in historical economics and sovereign debt, we detected a classic situation of private credit bubble (US 2008) kicked up at the sovereign level, with socialized losses, then a gov bond bubble with monetization morphing into an inflationary bubble 2021-?. We had in Q1 2023 a duration shock that has cuffed the Fed otherwise more banks’ would have to disorge USTs into BTFP. We are in a fiscal dominance regime. As soon as 2013 we expected the money printing to end into a duration problem based on historical precedents.

Abnormal Economics & $Oil Price

The $Oil price is determined by the marginal producer. Shale represents of new technology of extraction for existing oil fields, in a way similar to Cyanide was for Gold Deposits, extending the recoverability. The shale boom was characterized by an overinvestment cycle that translated into ROCE at 2% for the industry, a price of $Oil subsidized by over investment. With the price caps and the SPR we decided to investigate if in fact the $Oil price not repressed back in Q2 2023.

Antitrust Economics for Equities

If you want abnormal return for buy and hold, you need business with abnormal profits. Over 15 years of special situations and merger arbitrage analysis gave us the opportunity to review antitrust economics of many companies as part of the regulatory approval approval. That is how he discovered the many variations and subtleties of a truely fascinating topic: Antitrust Economics. In other words the many details that make a company able to earn an abnormally high Return on Capital Employed.

Those that fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it.
Winston Churchill.

You can't afford that with your money.

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Focused on Success

Our mission is to break down complexity for our clients and make critical information transparent, actionable. Our unique visual technology from our Parent GraphCall, Inc has already been adopted by the Stock Exchange of Colombia and the Supreme court of Brazil.

Happy Clients across the GraphCall, Inc companies, including the Stock Exchange of Colombia and the Supreme Court of Brazil.

Mappings More than a thousand entities’ boards, management or ownership structures in 3 languages (English, Portuguese and French) Mandarin is scheduled for Q4 2023


Years of experience Our founders has seen 4 bear markets on WallStreet. His team has invested in Capital Markets in East-Asia South-East Asia, Europe and Russia, South Africa North and South America

3-Awards 1-patent approved The Technology used by GraphCall,Inc.'s companies made the Tech Column for the 30 years anniversary of IR (investor relations) Magazine New York.

Roberto Attuch

Founder and CEO at OHMRESEARCH ex Managing Director Barclays & Credit Suisse

Those guys are good. They have the right tools to show interconnections that might be red flags.

Samantha LaDuc

Founder + CIO, LaDuc Capital LLC

If only firms had access to this forensic display of critically-important research before danger struck. I have seen the elegantly displayed media which augments faster decision making. Graph Financials is a key tool for any manager of risk!

Nick Walker

Founding Partner York Lion

I have known Geoffrey Fouvry as a young man, and trained him in Risk Arbitrage. Given the particular return profile of this investment specialty, the art is in being able to detect potential risks by never being complacent with small pieces of information, incoherences. Those need to be pursued very actively.

Marcus Magarian

Managing Director, Chatsworth Securities, LLC

I have seen a lot of technologies. But there is nothing quite like GraphFinancials to document, record, visualize, present and reply back and forth on Financial Data that are crucial to avoid costly faux pas.

Luigi Cattaneo


We have worked together with very high net worth individuals from the Middle East.and we continued until Geoffrey put his efforts in building GraphCall Inc.’s technology. Risks for investors are almost invariably people risks.

Frequently Asked Questions

We have laid out the most common questions, however should you have more question, do not hesitate to contact us with the chat or by email sales@graphfinancials.com

You will learn from history and from the great classic economics writers primarily from the Banking School who up today are unmatched. You will learn the key differences between Monied Capital and money, Credit, Currency and how the interplay of those different means of circulation have been operating in history.

There have been many episodes of irredeemable currency episodes (fiat like today), followed and preceded by redeemable currency systems, multi-currency systems, centralized like today or decentralized. Those periods and transitions offer invaluable insight to understand where we are today.

Certain asset classes will be discussed in their context, for example, land , precious metals and particularly Silver. We also dedicate a substantial amount of time studying soft commodities.

From time to time particular equities will be discussed. We use a variety of methods some borrowed from experience in liquidation and assets value play.

We have a history of investigating antitrust economics due to prior involvement in merger approval regulatory assessment (risk-arbitrage). Anti-competitive companies are rare to spot and require a particular type of analysis. We rely extensively on antitrust regulators to learn how those companies acquire abnormal profit positions.


Check Our Team

Geoffrey Fouvry

Chief Executive Officer

Geoffrey Fouvry started his Career in Capital Markets in 2000 as risk arbitrager at York Asset Management ending his tenure as head of Research with a 14 years streak without loss. He then founded GraphCall and docutalk.io a Company that created a New Visual Recording Technology Based on “REDO” as opposed to pixels recording (Video basically) that received several awards and an approved patent.

Martin Tixier

Institutional Relationships

Mr. Tixier previously served as Senior Fixed Income Investment Specialist for CANDRIAM. Martin is a certified CISI Level 3 FCA (Financial Conduct Authority) in Regulation, Securities and Derivatives and also has the ACI Dealing Certificate with distinction, winning the Best of Six Sigma Award while working at Bank of America for 7 years.

Mr. Tixier graduated ESSEC & ISC; he regularly lectures post graduate students on banking regulations & accounting, credit, interest rates and credit trading strategies. Mr Tixier is a contributor to independent research company OHM research and the author of the blog “Macronomics” launched in December 2009 discussing Macro trends credit.

Marcus Santos


Marcus Santos is the CTO across the Companies of GraphCall, Inc. He is a Champion of Mathematics in Brazil. He graduated from ITA (Aeronautic Institute of Brazil. He has worked with 3G Capital from Paulo Lehmann, a Company that collaborated on several acquisitions with Berkshire Hathaway. He has worked with many Technology Companies in Europe, North and South America.


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